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About Us

Wenzhou Meibao Razor Works is a premium razor manufacturer and supplier certified by BSCI, BRC and ISO 9002. Since 2015 it has been a specialised and independent supplier of premium razor systems for private label clients. Our razor factory manufactures only top-quality system razor products, hybrid disposable razors and DE blades. Making top end and elegant razor blade systems with high consistency is an extremely difficult task but this is what we do the best and always keep improving. 

We believe and invest in sustainable razor manufacturing as we work closely with local businesses to recycle and reuse our metal and plastic waste.

Tailored Solutions & Private Label

We offer private label razor products including bespoke product design services for clients seeking private label options. The lean and efficient business structure of Meibao enables us to excel in the private label sector, offering flexibility and fast turn-around time. Our business philosophy centres around precision and innovation of razor products. We continuously invest in the improvement of our razors and acquiring new state-of-the-art production methods to meet the high expectations of our clients.

Private Label & OEM Razor Services

16 years of experience in razor production and working with private label clients worldwide.


Our solution to better shaving is always to invest more in innovation.

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