MERS Razor Works Razor Blade Factory

For over 15 years, Wenzhou MERS Razor Works has been manufacturing razor products of the highest quality and of unique design. We never stop innovating.

Wenzhou MERS Razors started as personal fascination of razors and rapidly grew into a extensive manufacturing business.

Established in 2005 as the founder's personal hobby, Wenzhou MERS Razors grew rapidly due to its commitment in quality control. We moved to a purpose-built factory and made a transition from traditional mode of production to capital intensive automated production processes. 

MERS Razor Factory Production Floor

Today we own a purpose-built factory with clean, dust-free production floors and specialist equipment to further improve the quality of our products. Razors are extremely delicate and precision-oriented products. Any micro and incremental improvements will increase the quality of the blade.

We work extensively with designers and technical consultants across the world to bring our clients constantly improving and innovative shaving products.

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