Razor blade innovation and factory


Our Innovations and Manufacturing Facilities

Our Focus on R&D

Shaving razors are extremely difficult to manufacture due to its nano-level precision requirements. It's simple to make a look-alike of leading brands but it's challenging to make such products shave comfortably.

We utilise our state-of-the-art Keyence and Zeiss imaging devices to inspect and study countless cutting edges to ensure the blade you use brings maximum comfort.

Our Focus on IPR

High-precision razor products involve a huge number of patents. To protect our investment as a manufacturer and your interests as a distributor we invest heavily in studying intellectual property rights.

We have filed a large number of patents across the globe including our Rola-Tek™ and the offset-blades system.

Focus on Ergonomics

Shaving ergonomics is a key to a comfortable shave. A handle that always slips will necessarily lead to cuts.

We work with external ergonomics experts to study and test the ergonomic concepts that can be applied to razor handles, making them easier to use and at the same time nicer to look at. This make our razor factory unique.